December 19, 2009

Music by Marci

My cousin, Marci, has a gift for poetry and music, and has written several special songs, most of them about significant events or people in her life. I am fortunate to know a lot of those significant people, especially the grandparents that we share. Grandpa Thayne passed away ten years ago, and Grandma followed a few years later, just after my first daughter was born. Grandma, in particular, loved music and tried to attend every concert or recital that she could if one of her 50 grandchildren were participating in it. I know that she and Grandpa are smiling down at all of their posterity-all of whom are remarkably gifted. I am grateful that I belong to such a stellar group of people!

So with that, I just want to plug Marci's music website:

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Marci said...

Sorry I have not visited in a while. THANK YOU for your kind words and plug for my "stuff". You're wonderful.