February 12, 2010

Valentine's Weekend

Dave and I will be performing a short program for a Valentine's dinner in our former ward tonight. I'm looking forward to this because we actually don't perform together that often, though I have no doubt that we will get a lot of comments about how romantic it is that we can make music together.

When I married Dave, I thought I was getting an accompanist into the bargain. He plays so very well, he has great technique and has amazing musical instincts. Unfortunately, he doesn't really like collaborative musical ventures.

As a violinist, I have to collaborate in order to play 99% of the music out there. Besides collaborating, I also really enjoy performing. Dave doesn't like either, really. He is content to learn beautiful music for his own sake. He'll play at home for hours. I need a gig to look forward to, or I have no reason to practice. We're so different!

Tonight's program (Elgar, Massanet, Rachmaninoff and Joplin) consists of pieces which share a couple of things in common. None of the pieces were originally written for violin and piano, but are all adaptations. And, all of the music is featured in a major motion picture. Just as the music has been adapted to suit our instruments, Dave and I have gotten pretty good at adapting to each other. It may not be a typical Valentine's date, but I can't think of a better way to celebrate the holiday!


Anonymous said...

Good Luck you two! It sounds like tons of fun. I wish I could be there! Did you write the transcriptions yourselves?

Judy said...

You two are so good together. Happy Valentine's Day!