March 23, 2010

Jota Navarra

I read or heard once that Heifetz somewhat resented his own recordings--that because of them, he always felt he had to have perfect live performances so as not to disappoint fans who owned his records. (Can anyone find the source of that information?)

I, too, dislike playing in front of a microphone, but for the opposite reason as Heifetz--which just goes to show what a master he was, and how far I am from any sort of perfection. When I hear a recording of myself, it is never as good as I remember it being when I performed it live. Audiences are so much more forgiving than my portable digital recorder. But my latest theory is that if I keep recording myself, maybe I can get used to it, and overcome my fears.

Jota Navarra, by Pablo de Sarasate, always gets enthusiastic applause when I perform it. My audiences are generous. I recorded it with my mom accompanying me--it was definitely an exercise in humility!


Judy said...

Oh, I do love this piece! And I love hearing you play it! I think I managed to keep up with you most of the way this time. Yes!

Anonymous said...

I can see why you get such a positive reaction from your audiences. Whatever you're hearing from yourself, know that it sounds great to us! Good job, Jennifer. Sarasate is no small task, ever. You're one of the few people I know who is brave enough to perform it much less record it.