March 26, 2010

New Hymn Arrangements

Adam Ondi-Ahman is a hymn I've sung only once in my life, when my ward choir director taught this song when I was a teenager. I was thinking about two Spirituals adapted by Copeland that I recorded with Robyn Wells, and it came to me that Adam Ondi-Ahman would sound good with a similar setting.

When I played for the Cheney Family Christmas Celebration, my dear grandparents were able to attend. They have always been very supportive of me, especially during the year that I lived with them and they fed me and bailed me out of numerous car troubles. Following the performance, Grandma requested that I arrange I Stand All Amazed for Grandpa, to be played at his funeral. He is in good health for a 90+ year old, but it lit a fire under me to hurry and write this arrangement so he could hear it before he passed. I struggled a great deal with this arrangement. As one of the most melodic hymns, it stands on its own, with little needing to be done harmonically to spice it up, but I still wanted to do something special. Because of my struggles, this arrangement is also probably one of my most experimental works. I really wanted "Oh, It is Wonderful!" to stand out, and I hope that this arrangement accomplishes that goal. For you, Grandpa!


Anonymous said...

So impressed with you Jennifer! When do you have time to write all these arrangements? Mine is taking forever and it probably won't be anywhere near what these are. Publish soon. (Have you been inspired by my composition stories though, or were you thinking Copland like I was already?)

Happy Thought, Indeed! said...

I AM inspired by your stories, Kim, but I'd finished that arrangement a while before you'd written your post. :)