April 23, 2010


Dear Jennifer,

We want to thank you for submitting your sheet music to Granite Publishing for consideration. We receive a great many products for review, and consider each one carefully.

We have reviewed your sheet music and our committee has determined that this particular item does not meet our publishing/distribution needs at this time.

Again, we thank you for submitting your work to Granite Publishing and we wish you the very best in your publishing endeavors.


Terry L. Harper
New Products Dept.


julie said...


Anonymous said...

Who is Granite Publishing? Maybe you should send a rejection letter to THEM:

Dear Granite Publishing,
Thank you for reviewing my music, but after careful consideration, I have decided your publishing company is too narrow, ridiculously short-sighted and incapable of proper distribution; therefore, I kindly rescind my application.

So THERE!!! Send it to Jackman or Boosey and Hawkes. I think Lawrence Lyon had to print and publish his own music (he started his own publishing company in order to print his music). I know this because I spent some quality time with him and he told me the story himself. Do not give up hope. I've already had people asking me for your music.

Tawna said...

I'm all about self publishing. I think it will be the next big craze; just look how well it is doing in the book business. Besides, if you look at the major music publishers, they have gradually dried up until now there are really only 3 publishers of piano music anymore. There are some minor ones but most are owned by these big three now. It's sad, but true. My website guru tells me that if you put stuff out there for free online and have a donation button, you'd be surprised how much money you can make (Think Sister Deford). Just as soon as I pay for college, send Kevin on a mission, buy a new sewing machine, and get a digital piano, I'm going to put up a fantastic website for publishing my arrangements. Reed Burkholder submitted his first pieces for publishing 8 years ago, and is now on the festival list. It takes a little time, but you'll get there!

Marie said...

Awww... sorry. I didn't know you were trying to get published. Keep trying!

Happy Thought, Indeed! said...

Every published author I know has numerous rejection letters--often on display as proof of their long, hard journey. So, I thought I would display this one in hopes that eventually, I'll have something to show for my efforts! Still--rejection is one of my least favorite experiences.

Adrienne said...

I love that I know someone who actually is talented enough to write sheet music and even consider it for publication. You continually amaze me with your seemingly endless list of accomplishments! Poor Granite Publishing, they'll regret this decision in the future.

Judy said...

I wanted to write something appropriate for this occasion only to read that you and your dear friends and colleagues have said it all! So true!