June 4, 2010

Musical Bucket List

I'm not talking about the musical goals I wish to accomplish before I die. This is music I want to have been worthy of being performed in my honor at my funeral, imagining for a moment that there are no limits on size or type of group performing, including a full symphony orchestra.

Here are my top three:

* Adagietto from Mahler's 5th Symphony
* "Nimrod" Variation from Elgar's Enigma Variations.
* Andante from Schumann's Piano Quartet in E flat, Op. 47

What music would you choose to represent you?


Tawna said...

I haven't thought of this recently for myself, but I just got back from my cousin's funeral, and they sang this song at her graveside:

Happy Thought, Indeed! said...

I love it!

julie said...

This one's easy. Hero by Mariah Carey.

K but seriously, no idea. I need to listen to yours first. I'm such a fraud when it comes to music.