September 20, 2010

Home Concerts

I was recently featured in LDS Music Mama after I gave a home concert in preparation for the Montpelier recital. Go to this link to read all about it, and hear a short excerpt of the concert.

Reminiscent of the musical soirees held by composers such as Schumann and Chopin, where friends gathered together to play their latest compositions in an intimate setting, home concerts are gaining some traction around the States, so I've heard. One of my friend's sisters is invited to the homes of various patrons in the Seattle area about once a month. This is definitely a tradition I'd like to see grow here in Boise.

I'm certainly not the first to bring this idea to Boise--Dave and I have occasionally been invited to the home of one of our friends each year to hear Del Parkinson give a recital. We so love his playing, and enjoy the informal, friendly atmosphere. So if you play a musical instrument, or have a friend who does, or just want to treat your friends to an uplifting evening at your home, think about hosting a musical soiree!

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julie said...

I totally would, but I don't know how to say soiree.