December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas season can often be overwhelming for musicians--whose services are needed for the many Christmas productions and concerts, whether it's at schools, churches or in the community. I saw a nice comment on a friend's facebook page the other day. It said, "We as musicians help to make other people's Christmases special."

Nothing brings the Christmas Spirit in as much as Christmas music. Last Sunday, I was able to help organize and participate in our ward's Christmas meeting. Although there were the usual worries (Did the narrators get the parts I sent them? Will there be enough people in the choir? Can the flu season wait until after the program is over?), everyone was so willing to help out and make our meeting special. Everyone performed to the best of their ability, and I could feel the Spirit uplifting our efforts, and carrying the sweet message of the gospel to the congregation.

So, thanks to those who were involved in my ward, and who were involved in all of the other musical offerings this Christmas Season, for making it a special one.

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