January 16, 2011


Although I'm still waiting to see if any of my arrangements will be published, I have been getting an increasing number of requests for use of my arrangements from friends, acquaintances, and friends of friends. Honestly, I would love to see my name in print--printed by someone who wasn't me--but my main hope is that, if my arrangements are any good, that they will end up in the hands of musicians looking for something new and appropriate to play in church, whether or not I receive official recognition from a publisher. So I am pleased to receive these requests.

As a result, I now have two versions of "O My Father" for voice and piano (one for medium, and the other for medium high voice), and I'm working on arranging "Lead, Kindly Light" for two violins and piano. This has been a good exercise. I haven't had to come up with new material, but in making arrangements suitable for different ensembles and voice ranges, I'm having to look at my work from different angles. I've had to look at key signatures and voicing more carefully, and I'm finding other ways to improve upon the original arrangements.

Perhaps it is good that I haven't been published yet. Had they already been published, I could no longer change them and make them better. On the other hand, if I have to wait until they are all perfect, they will never, ever get published!

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Judy said...

So glad you are doing an arrangement for two violins. I often need one and you are my favorite arranger!