May 7, 2011


The night before I acquired my new violin, I spent some time practicing. I was trying to get warmed up and ready so that I'd have something to play when Terry brought the new violin, but Dave heard me and said, "Having one last night with Bosco?" (He named my old violin Bosco. That was never my idea. Ever.) At that moment, I felt a tinge of guilt, sorry that I was about to abandon my faithful friend of 14 years.

I have had similar feelings the night before each of my girls were born--that Jeff would never be an only child again when Emmy was born, and that Emmy would never be an only girl when Camille was born. But I would only be adding to my family, not replacing any of my children. Unlike my children, my old violin has been relegated to a dark case under the table.

"Bosco" is a great violin. It really deserves to be played on by a competent musician. I am not sure I want to sell it--I hope that one of my children might be able to play on it some day. But it will decline if it's not played on until that time.

I've heard of fine violins being loaned out to concert artists. Do you think I could do that on a smaller scale--loan out my violin to a promising high school student or young college student who needs a better ax while they save for their own? If any of you reading this knows anyone who might benefit from such an arrangement, please contact me!


julie said...

There has been a time or two when I wanted to relegate my children to a dark case under the table.

Poor violin, I wish I qualified. Sad.

Judy said...

I would love it, but neither do I qualify. Not promising and not young. Sigh...

You will be inspired as to just the right person who will love it.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful and generous idea Jennifer! I'm sure the right situation will present itself.