July 1, 2011

Twin Falls Recital News Release

Robyn and I are featured in the Times News Arts and Entertainment section for a recital we will be giving there in two weeks. (It is a repeat performance of the "Sounds of Spring" concert we gave earlier this year, except with a name change to suit the month of July!)

My experience with the press hasn't been too positive lately, especially when it comes to photographs. Some time ago, when she lost the photo that I had submitted, one newspaper's writer did a Google search, and found an unflattering photo of me, which was then published to my chagrin.

In this case, wanting a photo of Robyn and me together and not having one, someone did a little photo-shopping, and created one of their own. I guess I have to give whoever it was credit for trying--but if I had been given just one more day, I would have submitted a brand-new photo of Robyn and I had taken two nights ago. Here it is:

Worse than the edited photo are the edited bios! I appreciate someone wanting to pad my resume to make me sound more impressive, but it's not entirely honest, and I hate to have anyone misled as to my actual accomplishments.

However, the essential information correct--the date, time and location of the recital (Saturday, July 16th at 7:30 p.m. at the new Twin Falls Center for the Arts). If you're in the area, hope to see you there!


Judy said...

You just can't trust the press! Looking forward to hearing you and Robyn play again.

Marie said...

Love the pic!