May 31, 2012

Blessings in Disguise

I was thinking about my beautiful Aunt Jane, and my thoughts settled on a Christmas gift she sent last year:

While going through life, I rarely think of my trials as blessings, but I can see the blessings a lot more clearly in hindsight. For example, I remember the struggle it was to watch all of my friends get married, and then my new crop of younger friends get married, and then the new crop after them, while I remained single. Looking back, I appreciate all of the things I learned during that time, and the exciting opportunities that I had; and I am especially grateful that I didn't marry sooner, because if I had, it wouldn't have been to my husband. I like to think that our honeymoon phase lasted longer than most couples, because we were both so grateful to have finally found one another!

A more recent example was when I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease a year after my last child was born. The doctors told me that once I was treated, things would go back to normal in about three to six months. A year later, I was still a wreck. Even now, I miss my pre-Grave's Disease body, although I am grateful to have settled into a new "normal". But I noticed something the other day that struck me. I have not written a single new arrangement since I started feeling better. Most all of the arrangements that I have ever done were completed during the dark time in which I was suffering the most from the effects of the disease.

My new trial seems to be a complete and utter lack of inspiration. I'm interested to see what blessing this turns out to be!


Judy said...

Post, you and Jane: Inspiring

Anonymous said...

Listen to your mother! Agreed. The way you live is a constant source of inspiration to me. :-) But, I do look forward to another piece when a project most worthy of your time asserts itself into your life again.

fatima gilani said...

i agree with you ... i too saw my life trails turned into blessings over a period of time ... thanks for sharing yours! i love the picture you posted tc