January 28, 2013

Helena Photo Journal

Inside the St. Helena Cathedral
Gregorian Chant was being piped through the speaker system, and it made me appreciate the Catholic church's contribution to music throughout the ages.  Sometimes I wish the LDS church used Gregorian Chant, however, it has made its own unique contributions to sacred music that reflect its history and culture the same way chant does for Catholics.  (Consider the opening hymn in the Helena 3rd Ward sacrament meeting, "In Our Lovely Deseret.")  

St. Helena Cathedral from the outside.  

Mount Helena

The State Capitol Building of Montana
Helena once had the highest percentage of millionaires per capita in the United States, a result of the gold-mining boom in 1864 that founded it.  Now, as Montana's state capitol, politics is the primary business of Helena.  Across the street from the capitol is the Montana State Museum, which houses works by Montana artist, Charles M. Russell.  If everything else had been a total bust, I would have been glad to go on this trip just to see this particular exhibit.  

The Old Governor's Mansion
When first built, the governor proudly proclaimed that his home was like millions of other homes that dotted America.  There is definitely a lot of interesting architecture around Helena.

This is but one example of the kinds of interesting paint jobs I saw as I walked around town.  

The Helena Civic Center
This is where the symphony performs.  I was told by one person that it used to be a masonic hall.  Another person said it used to be a mosque.  A third person said it had been both at different times in its long history.  The inside was just as unique.

My hotel room
When I was all ready for the concert, I wondered, "Do I look fat?"  And then I took the picture, which, of course, added 10 lbs., to give me an answer in the affirmative.  But, as a friend told me on this very trip, I look "amazing for having had three children!"  That's right.  The theory of relativity works in marvelous ways.

The Jet
NOTHING, and I repeat, nothing, makes you feel more like a celebrity than being flown in for a concert on a private jet.

These are the "Boise Violinists" as we came to be called in the Helena Symphony.  Rachael Knapp, Maggie Snow, me, and Shauna Smith.  I really enjoyed getting to know these ladies better.  And I enjoyed sharing a stand with Shauna, who bravely endured an assault by a stage fly in the middle of the performance.  (Click on the link for a fuller understanding of the meaning and risk of stage flies!)

With Leatrice Lily
Isn't that a marvelous name for the stage?  Leatrice is a voice teacher, and the Director of Artistic Planning who hired us, and made all of the arrangements for our accommodations and transportation.  Thanks Leatrice!
But on a different subject--there is not enough room on an airplane, public or private, for the number of products that I would need to bring with me to have a decent hair day whenever I travel.  

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