March 7, 2013

When to Say Yes, or No?

One of the unwritten universal laws of being a musician is:  More opportunities accepted = more opportunities offered.  If you are struggling to make a living, this is a good thing.  It means that between orchestra, wedding gigs, teaching and free-lancing, you might earn a living wage.  Unfortunately, the converse is also true:  if you reject offers, you will receive fewer offers.  I often struggle with knowing when to say yes, or no, as I try to pursue a limited musical career while focusing primarily on being a wife and mother.

Each time I accept a gig, it affects Dave as he covers for me at home, and the kids are never more affectionate than when I am leaving for a rehearsal or a performance.  Occasionally, I must impose on friends and extended family when an opportunity to travel arises.

One thing that I must try to remember when I turn down a gig (always worrying that my name will be taken off the list), is that in spite of all of the things I have had to give up (being a full-time member of the Boise Philharmonic and my teaching studio, for instance), so far, I have still had many wonderful and surprising adventures.  Yes, I would like to know for certain just what to prepare for in the coming months, and even years, but I trust that something will turn up, as it always does.


Marie said...

Say "yes". :)

Judy said...

Blessings on your friends and family. I am so proud of you!