March 6, 2016

My Happy Place

Go ahead and play the video so you can listen and read at the same time.
(I'm getting better at shameless self-promotion!) 

When I was at the University of Utah, rehearsing La Mer by Debussy, our conductor, trying to help us better interpret the music, asked if we'd ever been to the ocean. I started to raise my hand (hasn't everyone been to a beach?), when I realized I had been land-locked for my entire life!

The first time I ever saw the ocean was when I was flying over the Australian coastline at dawn. (The 13 hours in the plane over the Pacific Ocean was over night, and completely dark. I did see some amazing stars above, though!) The ocean was in my backyard in several of the places I lived, but as a missionary, I wasn't allowed to go into the water itself.

Now, whenever I travel out of my land-locked state to the coast, I simply must pose in front of the ocean waves. I don't actually get in the water (not because I am holding on to mission rules, but because I'm a terrible swimmer, and I hate being cold and wet), but I'm enthralled by the vast beauty and the soothing rhythm of the waves.

2016 at Carlsbad

2014 at Rockaway Beach in Oregon

2012 first trip to Carlsbad, California

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